2025 BMW M4: Price, Specs, Release Date & Everything You Need to Know

The 2025 BMW M4 just dropped and it’s a real barn burner! This ain’t your average German import this is a beast that’ll rip up the asphalt and leave you glued to your seat.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

New and Improved? More Like New and Savage!

2025 BMW M4 Prices

The M4 got a meaner look this year. We’re talkin’ sharper headlights a more aggressive front end and those iconic quad exhaust pipes that just scream power.

It’s like a wolf that’s been bulkin’ up at the gym ready to chase down anything on the road.

Base4736-speed manual gearboxRear-wheel drive
Competition503Automatic (not specified)Rear-wheel drive
Competition (AWD)523Automatic (not specified)All-wheel drive
2025 BMW M4

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Interior? Think Cockpit Not Comfort Car

2025 BMW M4 interior

Inside it’s all about performance. The new M4 boasts a driver-focused cockpit with a sleek digital display and a steering wheel that feels like it was ripped straight outta a race car.

Sure there are some comfy seats but let’s be honest you’re gonna be too busy havin’ fun to notice.

Power? Buckle Up Buttercup!

The base M4 still packs a punch with its 473 horsepower engine but the real story is the M4 Competition xDrive.

This bad boy gets a bump to 523 horsepower thanks to some tweaks under the hood. And let me tell you with all-wheel drive this thing corners like it’s on rails.

2025 BMW M4 Specs

Price and Release? Not for the Faint of Wallet

Let’s be real a German performance machine ain’t gonna be cheap. The M4 starts at a cool $80095 and goes up from there dependin’ on how many bells and whistles you want.

But hey if you gotta have the best you gotta pay the price.

Model2024 Price (USD)2025 Price (USD)Price Difference (USD)
M4 Coupe$78,100$79,100$1,000
M4 Coupe Competition$82,200$83,200$1,000
M4 Coupe Competition xDrive$86,300$88,300$2,000
M4 Convertible Competition xDrive$93,300$95,300$2,000
2025 BMW M4 Price

As for gettin’ your hands on one these things are expected to hit dealerships sometime this spring.

2025 BMW M4 Release Date

So, is the 2025 M4 worth it?

If you crave a precision-built driving machine that’ll make your heart race then absolutely! This ain’t your everyday commuter car. This is a beast for the driving enthusiast a wolf in sheep’s clothing a German engineering marvel that’ll leave you breathless.

But if you’re looking’ for something comfy and practical, well, maybe look elsewhere.

This M4 is all about pure, unadulterated driving pleasure.

2025 BMW M4 FAQs

Bimmer Buzz for Gearheads
The 2025 BMW M4 has car enthusiasts like me fired up! Here’s a quick rundown of the burning questions:

  • More Power?

Rumors suggest a possible power boost for the 2025 M4, with some whispers of a crazy limited edition.

  • Manual vs. automatic?

Will the glorious 6-speed manual stick around or will there be changes?

  • Subtle weaknesses or dramatic redesign?

Expect some refinements to keep the 2025 M4 looking sharp but a complete overhaul seems unlikely.

  • Tech Bonanza or Driver Focus?

Look for a good balance between the latest tech features and a driver-centric cockpit designed for performance.

  • When can we see it?

With the 2024 M4 just arriving, a 2024 reveal for the 2025 model is a hopeful guess.

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