2024 Tesla Model Y Refresh: Release Date, Specs, Price, Redesign

2024 Tesla Model Y Still the King of the Electric SUV Jungle?
Listen up gearheads! The 2024 Tesla Model Y is still turning heads and burning rubber but there’s some buzz about potential updates.

Let’s peel back the hood and see what’s cookin’ model y refresh

  • The Model Y is likely to receive its first significant facelift with updated exterior and interior designs.
  • New features may include adaptive headlights and an ‘Active Hood’ for enhanced pedestrian safety.
  • Two new color options Ultra Red and Stealth Gray might be introduced.
2024 Tesla Model Y Refresh: Release Date, Specs, Price, Redesign

What’s New

Project Juniper

Word on the street is Tesla’s cookin’ up mid-2024 production start for refreshed Model Y codenamed “Project Juniper.” This refresh might bring

Subtle tweaks

Think bit of facelift on the front and rear ends keeping things fresh.

Interior upgrades We might see some creature comforts like ventilated seats and rear touchscreen for the backseat crew.


This new tech could be the key to unlocking some serious self-driving features down the road.

Maybe even more range Rumors are whisperin’ about slight bump in how far this bad boy can go on single charge.

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2024 tesla model y price

Don’t expect complete overhaul but the refresh should give the Model Y slightly updated look. Think more like nip and tuck than full-blown body kit.

2024 tesla y Interior

The inside stays pretty much the same with that minimalist design and the big ol’ touchscreen controlling most things.

The interior is expected to be refreshed with a new dashboard and possibly new materials and layouts.

There’s chance we might see some new features like ventilated seats and rear touchscreen but that’s still up in the air.

One thing’s for sure there’s plenty of space for you and your crew to stretch out both in the front and back and enough cargo room to hold all your gear for weekend getaway.

2024 tesla y Interior


Trim levels You still get three choices

  • Model Y RWD Rear-wheel drive the sweet spot between range and price.
  • Model Y Long Range All-wheel drive all about going the distance.
  • Model Y Performance All-wheel drive built for speed demons who want to get from point to point B in hurry.


We’re talkin’ some serious power here especially with the Performance model that can launch from 0 to 60 mph in blink around 3.5 seconds to be exact.

Range varies depending on the trim with the Long Range takin’ the cake at an estimated 330 miles (WLTP).

Battery No official word yet on the battery capacity but it should be similar to the 2023 model.

2024 Tesla Model Y Price

Prices for the 2024 Model Y are expected to start at around $ 43990 with higher trims and options reaching upwards of $ 54130.

Tesla’s keeping their lips sealed on the official price tag for the 2024 Model Y but expect it to be in the ballpark of the 2023 model which started around $49000 for the RWD and went up to hefty $91400 for the Performance (before you factor in any additional costs).

2024 Tesla Model Y Release Date

Production for the refreshed Model Y is expected to kick off sometime in mid-2024 so deliveries might start in late 2024 or early 2025.

Production is anticipated to start in October 2024, with customer deliveries commencing later that year.

2024 Tesla Model Y Refresh FAQs

2024 tesla model y redesign

Can I squeeze third row of seats in the 2024 Model Y?

Like the 2023 model the 2024 Model Y comes standard with five seats. But if you need to pack the whole crew you can add third row for an extrcost.

Does the 2024 Model Y drive itself?

The current 2023 Model Y has Tesla’s Autopilot system which helps you stay in your lane and maintain safe distance from the car in front of you but it’s not fully self-driving.

The rumored Hardware 4.0 might pave the way for future self-driving capabilities but Teshawn’d spilled the beans yet.

tesla 2024 model y release date

How does the Model Y stack up against other electric SUVs?

The Model Y goes head-to-head with some tough competition like the Ford Mustang Mach-E Hyundai IONI5 and KiEV6.

It stands out for its spacious interior impressive range (depending on the trim) and Tesla’s established name in the electric vehicle market.

But each SUV has its own strengths and weaknesses so the best choice for you depends on your specific needs and priorities.

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